Urban music blog placement


urban music blog placement

Have a new single, album or music video that you want placed on hip hop blogs? No problem! We have the fastest turnaround time with the best display of professionalism possible! Get every single link your material is posted to sent directly to your email address you provide us with during checkout!  Check out our Urban music blog placement options!


Urban music blog placement questions and answers:

  1. You guys claim to have fast turnaround time so how fast is fast? 

Fast is pretty fast! The ONLY reason it takes longer than 1 day for us to complete most of our orders, is because our payment processor takes up to 48 to 72  hours to clear payments sent to us and we of course only start the orders when we have cleared payments. There are other payment options such as square cash app that allow us to get instant payments from our clients. Clients that use instant forms of payments are able to get their blog placements sometimes as soon as a few hours after payment is made. 


2. Which blogs will my music be posted to?

Ok so here is the deal; other than http://thisis50.ning.com, our regular hip hop blog placement service is a randomized services. This means that the only blog we guarantee will be Thisis50 and the other blogs will be blogs that the editors decide to have your music posted to. 


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urban music blog placement